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a taut,
edge-of-the-seat thriller... Pamela Callow is Halifax's answer to both John Grisham and Tess Gerritsen.


bestselling author

Damaged Have you ever wondered what it would be like to face a serial killer?

I've always been fascinated by crime. Maybe because I always played by the rules. It led me to my professional career: first law, then a consultant for justice clients.

Damaged was inspired by a US criminal case. But I wanted to use the case as a springboard for a thriller with an ordinary woman in the lead, a woman who suffered heartbreak, who struggled with her career, who couldn't afford to buy the alarm system she needed for her house because her plumbing was leaking.

I wanted to write about an ordinary woman who has to face her darkest fears.

In Damaged, Kate Lange finds out how far she would go to stop a serial killer.

And learns how far she has to go to save herself.

Meet Kate Lange. Thirty something lawyer. Runner. Owner of an abandoned dog.

My everywoman superwoman.

In praise of libraries

I can't talk about writing without mentioning libraries -- it was my own local bookmobile that introduced me at a young age to the pleasure of reading. I loved libraries so much that when I graduated from high school, I worked at the checkout desk of our local public library, hobbling around with a walking cast because I broke my ankle on prom night. Then, in law school, I worked part-time in the makeshift law library that had been created after lightning struck the permanent one (no, I wasnít in the building at the time).

It is a special thrill for me to know that my books will be available in public libraries. It feels like Iíve come full circle.